Saturday, May 2, 2015

Yard Sales and Thrift Stores Oh My!!

I'll admit it. I'm a resale addict. I'm such an addict, I buy AND sell. My mom and I are setting up a shop with a friend at a local Flea Market to sell some of our excess. Our half of the business is called MawMaw & Me. Our opening weekend is next weekend and we're really excited. Today my sweetie and I were taking a load of things out to the booth, and I saw a sign. "Antique & Vintage Sale." Well you know I just had to stop. They had lots of neat things, most of them overpriced, like a vintage Singer, totally rusted and frozen up, for $30. That's too much for me, too much work. I did find a few treasures though.

Aren't these adorable??? Maybe the one on the right will be bait for a cute little Sew Handy. ::fingers crossed::

This book came from a Museum in Hawaii. It was printed in 1972 and is a talk that someone gave in 1933 about the history of Hawaiian quilts. It has pictures too! 

I also got this awesome old quilt. Completely hand pieced and quilted. It was made by the lady's great-grandmother. It was a shame how cheap she sold it for. I will treasure it!

Once we got done taking a few loads to the booth, we stopped in at Harbor Freight. Well, Harbor Freight just happens to be right next to one of my favorite thrift shops. I stop in at least once a week. I'm rarely disappointed and today was no exception.

Needs a little bit of love, and Howard's Restore-a-Finish, but it's just the cutest thing ever. I am thrilled with today's purchases. I know I'm a resale, vintage and antique addict and I'm proud of it!!